Treatments and Fees

Our fees reflect the quality of our treatment and they depend on the difficulty of each case and the type of braces chosen.

They are fully inclusive of all appointments, retainers and check ups for one year after the braces come off.  Beware of the promise of quick fixes at suspiciously low prices from non-qualified and inexperienced dentists. Remember the old mantra ‘you buy cheap, you buy twice!’

Adults/Children Consultation
(Inclusive of minimum of 45 minutes doctor time)
Children(Under 18)
Phase 1 early treatment 2000eur
Phase 2 full fixed braces 4300-57300eur
Invisalign Teen 5300-6300eur
Review Appointments 80eur
Adults 6 month braces-our own version! 3500 – 4500eur
Full metal minibraces 4300-5300eur
Full ceramic braces 4800 – 5800eur
Invisalign Full Advanced Version 5300-6200eur inc. unlimited refinements & retainers
Laser gum re-sculpting 800eur
Review Appointments 80eur

Fees include three  sets of clear retainers and retainer check visits for one year after brace removal. All payment plans are interest free without any hidden extras and are tailored to each individual’s personal requirements. Orthodontic fees are tax allowable at the marginal rate allowing you to claim back 20% of your total costs and we do offer family discounts. Our Reception will assist you every step of the way!