No matter what age you are having braces is a unique and highly personal experience.

This is why we at Galway Orthodontics offer a discreet and highly professional level of service to all our patients. No matter what type of brace you prefer we have the specialist training to get an excellent result every time. For kids who like to show off their braces we have the latest low-profile minibraces which are fast, comfortable and available in as many exciting colours as you like.

Think braces are just for teenagers? Think again. Over half of our practice patients are adults between the ages of 30 to 70! A recent survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry showed that over 80% of adults who got braces felt that their lives were positively affected. So what’s stopping you? Most adults still think that braces are unsightly and bulky but with new advanced technologies we can offer all our patients very exciting brace options which look great, are really comfortable and give great results. For those of you who like to show off their smile but not their brace we have invisible or clear braces which use clever ‘tooth-match’ ceramic technology to blend in totally with your own tooth colour.

If the thought of having any braces attached to the outside of your teeth does not appeal to you no matter how sophisticated they are then you can consider Lingual Braces such as Incognito or Incognito Lite to straighten your teeth. These are a new generation of braces which are placed behind your teeth so no one will know that you wearing them unless you tell them!

Still do not want any type of ‘train-track’ type braces attached to either the inside or outside of your teeth then we have another exciting brace option for you which is called Invisalign. This involves a series of clear removable aligners specifically customised for each individual patient and in the right cases can achieve exceptional results.

There are a lot of treatment options these days, from clear aligners to modern braces. They each have their uses, but only an Orthodontist has the specialized knowledge to identify and plan for all the variables in your mouth. Orthodontists take your unique needs and wishes into consideration, too, when recommending the right treatment option for you. Orthodontists have knowledge of the full range of orthodontic appliance “tools.” They know what to use and when to use it because they work with these tools every day to achieve fantastic results in most cases in 12 to 18 months!

Sure, you want a dazzling smile. Your Orthodontist wants that for you, too – and treatment results that last. You deserve the best – a good bite and a healthy, beautiful smile. Consult an OSI member orthodontist for your life, your health, your happiness, your smile.