Why Choose Us

  • World-class American Specialist training. We treat all our cases to American of Orthodontics standards.
  • Our treatment philosophy is non-extraction of any permanent teeth. which leads to better faces!
  • Equal expertise in all the latest brace technologies such as clear ceramic braces and especially Invisalign which requires great expertise and skill to achieve the same quality of result and speed as regular braces.
  • Very flexible payment plans with no hidden extras tailored to each individual patient.
  • Enjoy treating both adults and children.
  • Very professional and discreet staff.
  • State of the art purpose-built practice in beautiful location.
  • Ease of parking right outside our door with easy access¬†for those with special requirements
  • Braces do not come off until our results are perfect and are guaranteed for one year post treatment with good retainer wear of course!