Differences Between Invisalign and Braces

There has been an ongoing debate as to which is better, invisalign or braces? There are some people who prefer invisalign while others advocate the use of the traditional metal braces. If you are in the process of straightening your teeth but are in the crossroads as to which would be best to use, you have come to the right place.

Traditional metal braces and invisalign were made to the same purpose, to correct bite problems and also to straighten crooked teeth. However, they are not made equal. They have differences and it is important for anyone thinking of using either of the two to know the differences to arrive at the best decision. It is also a must to discuss the matter with your orthodontist because ultimately he or she will be the one to tell you which one is the most suitable.


Decisions, decisions, decisions. It is important to make the right decision regarding straightening your teeth. Your orthodontists will discuss your options, as well as the treatment plan which is best for you.

Physical appearance

One of the glaring differences between metal braces and invisalign is their appearance. Metal braces are conspicuous, you will not be able to hide them. Every time you open your mouth, you will see the metal chunks on your teeth. On the other hand, inivisalign is less noticeable. They are clear and they can hardly be seen.


Invisalign is removable but metal braces are not, they have to stay on your teeth for the duration of teeth straightening which is almost always more than a year. Braces are metal and clear wires which are bonded to the teeth. On the other hand, invisalign is a specially designed custom fir trays which are clear in color. Because of the fact that they are clear, you could be wearing them and nobody will know. Braces can also be very irritating. They can cause soreness and irritation of the tongue, lips and cheeks.

Food restrictions

When you eat you can take off your invisalign and put them back on after you have brushed your teeth. With metal braces, there are quite a few restrictions. There are limitations to what you can chew and eat. Some of the food which are not advisable for people with braces are corn, gum and chips. They can loosen brackets and damage the wires.


Costs between invisalign and metal braces can vary widely. Sometimes one can be more expensive than the other and vice versa. One of the determining factors for cost is the condition of your teeth. Naturally people with severely crooked teeth will spend more money to get their teeth corrected. It is important to note that if you want braces to the placed at the back of the teeth, you will have to pay more money.


Traditional metal braces are much better when it comes to uprighting root movements and rotating cylindrical teeth. Some teeth, such as the premolars and canines are quite tough to rotate and because invisalign are not mechanically attached to the teeth, it is unable to do what braces can.

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